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Job Title Financing Manager
Working Place 1Recruiting NumbersFoshan
Job Requirements

1, bachelor degree or above, investment, financial or other economic or related major;

2, 1 + years of experience in the Banks, funds and other financial institutions related working experience is preferred;

3, has the rich financing channels and industry a wide range of interpersonal relationship;

4, has good financing analysis ability and judgment;

5, financial knowledge, familiar with finance process and special business knowledge;

6, have strong negotiation skills, good communication skills;

7, good at dealing with complex relationships, and able to work under high strength pressure

Job Title Accounting
Working Place 1Recruiting NumbersFoshan
Job Requirements

1, finance, accounting, economic and other relevant professional college degree or above, the accountant from job seniority card;

2, with solid basic knowledge of accounting, accounting for more than 2 years working experience;

3, familiar with cash management and bank settlement, familiar with excel or other financial software operation;

4, has the strong ability of independent learning and work, work steadfast, serious careful, initiative;

5, have good professional ethics and team cooperation spirit, good communication, understanding and analysis ability;

6, can the independent operation completely inside outside account/accounts;

7, local registered permanent residence is preferred;

Job Title Sheet metal engineers
Working Place 1Recruiting NumbersFoshan
Job Requirements

1, the machinery such as mechanical design and automation specialized graduation, college degree or above;

2, familiar with the design of metal working, sheet metal product appearance, structural design, and more than two years work experience;

3, can independently accomplish the product from design to development, trial production, the complete design process, from the sample to the finished product can track, know and coordinate processing production factory, can independently accomplish product quotation;

4, skilled use of Pro/e, UG, CAD design software, can skilled in the process of sheet metal parts and sheet metal pieces of the split;

5, serious and responsible, have a certain skill and communication skill.

Job Title The sales manager
Working Place 1Recruiting NumbersFoshan
Job Requirements

1, under the age of 38 years old, college degree or above, major unlimited, above 4 years working experience;

2, with team management ability and ability in developing new sales channels;

3, have a keen market observation, strong communication skills and language ability;

4, has a strong sense of responsibility, professional ethics and enterprise, have the faith and strength of the pursuit of excellence;

5, have a stronger ability to learn, through active learning to improve themselves;

6, steel or stainless steel industry sales experience preferred.

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